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Who are we?  Duke ProSPER is a patient- and family-centered research team headquartered at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.  Duke ProSPER includes intensive care unit and palliative care doctors, psychologists, research coordinators, biostatisticians, behavioral economists, app developers, videographers, animators, musicians, graphic designers, and others.  We partner with other researchers, colleagues, and friends across the world to do our work.  All of our ideas, mobile apps, and resources include the help and feedback of actual patients, family members, and clinicians.

What is our purpose?  Many people–probably most people–experience some really tough situations at some point.  Duke ProSPER conducts research that designs and tests tools and resources that can help people in these very situations.  Our work focuses on: helping people to manage symptoms like pain, breathlessness, depression, anxiety, and PTSD; connecting clinicians, patients, and family members during a serious medical situation; and improving the process of making difficult medical decisions.  Our purpose is also reflected in our name: we are the Program that Supports People and Enhances Recovery (i.e., ProSPER).

What have we done…and what are we up to now?  Learn more about our past / ongoing / future studies & trials by clicking here.

Thanks:  It would be impossible to do this work / research without the financial support of good people like the National Institutes of Health, PCORI, and the Duke Institute for Healthcare Innovation.  We sincerely appreciate this help.

Contact us:  It would be great to hear from you.  Email us at:

Follow us on Twitter:  The ProSPER team is @dukeprosperteam and Chris is @christopherecox.  Chris’ account sometimes includes tweets about music (he often confuses these accounts).

Instagram:  @duke_prosperteam